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Nov 13, 2020

Have you ever thought about what your favorite jeans and t-shirt are made of? Sure, the tag may say cotton, nylon or polyester, but what goes into making those fabrics? Remember, whatever you put on your skin goes in your skin. And that’s just as true for your clothes.

Welcome to Fatal Conveniences

This is a bite-sized segment that parallels The Darin Olien Show. In these segments, we get into society's Fatal Conveniences™. I define these as the things we may be doing because the world we live in makes us believe we have to. These things save us time and trick us into thinking they're actually good for us. But it's those same things that are breaking down our health and the health of the environment around us.

I've spent most of my adult life obsessively researching these "conveniences." On every show, I pick one topic, and we dive into it. My goal is to make you more aware of these traps so that you can push back on them. Remember, it starts with you and the choices you make. 

So, if you're willing to look at your world from a different perspective and make little tweaks that amount to big changes, then this segment is for you.

So you scored some cheap clothes on clearance. But at what cost to your health?

Do you know we’ve been paying the same price for clothes since the ’70s? Think about that. The prices of everything else -gas, food, rent - have all gone up, but clothing hasn’t. Why is that? Because clothing companies have been finding ways to make clothing creation cheaper and cheaper. That means cheap labor and cutting corners on safety and regulation. All these short cuts are taking quite a toll on our health. You can find the proof in the plethora of toxins found in most of the clothes on store racks.

In this Fatal Conveniences™ segment, I go over the shocking chemicals and toxins present in most of the clothing in your closet. This stuff is bad news, guys. I had to make this segment a bit longer than usual, for the sheer enormity of information I need you to be aware of. You’ll hear me break down each chemical and the adverse effects they have on your health. 

I know it sucks to hear that your favorite hoodie may be making you sick. But don’t get too mad at me. I’m going to give you some safe, natural alternatives to stock your drawers with. We also go over what red flags to watch out for on clothing tags when shopping for your new apparel. 

I know we all can’t afford to revamp our entire wardrobes, especially not right now. That’s why it’s important to shift your thinking on clothes altogether. We need to start shopping for the long-term. Maybe you have to spend a little bit more upfront, but they’ll last so much longer. And you won’t have to worry about harming your health, or your environment, with your new outfits. 

Other Great Info in this Segment:

  • Rashes- the first sign of an issue
  • Why denim is the scariest of them all
  • Why makes clothes waterproof?
  • The red-flag words to look out for on clothing tags
  • The dangers of PFAs
  • Why is Formaldehyde in our clothes??
  • What is in your undies?
  • The danger of faux leather (Please still avoid the real thing)
  • Why hemp is amazing
  • Why you ladies should free the boobs
  • How to shift your perspective on clothes shopping

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