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Jun 15, 2023

In this eye-opening episode, we explore the shocking truth behind grocery store fresh produce and its impact on our health and the environment. You may think you're making healthy choices by filling your basket with vibrant, fresh vegetables, but did you know that their nutrient value starts to decline seconds after harvest? With pollution from transportation and chemical treatments to maintain freshness, it's time to reconsider where we source our fruits and vegetables.
In this episode, we’ll discuss the importance of supporting local food sources and making better choices for our health and the environment. From the alarming decline in nutritional value of grocery store produce to the chemicalization of food production, this episode will leave you questioning what's really on your plate. Let's make small changes with a big impact on our health and the world around us.
What we discuss: 
(0:00:03) - The Pitfalls of Grocery Store Produce
(0:04:55) - The Importance of Local Food
(0:06:58) - The history of grocery stores
(0:13:38) - The use of Pesticides 
(0:18:15) - Promoting Healthy Choices
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