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Jul 27, 2023

The human body is supposed to sweat, so when you block your sweat glands with chemicals, they can’t do their job and you’re messing with your health.
We don’t want to be sweaty and smelly, so it might seem like deodorants are our only option. But chemical baths for  our pits clogging up our lymph nodes and exposing ourselves to chemicals are not the way to go. There’s a lot of data around deodorant linked to breast cancer, hormone changes and endocrine disruption.
One of the main culprits is aluminum, which is found in these products. One study stated that aluminum is known to have a genotoxic profile capable of causing both DNA alterations, and epigenetic effects. 
Fortunately, there are solutions that will reduce the smell, and won’t compromise your health. Due to the media coverage on the link between breast cancer and aluminum in deodorants consumers have become increasingly aware of the chemicals they place on and around their bodies.
This has caused a major shift in the market to accommodate the demand for more natural, less harmful products - which is great!
If we move away from chemical deodorants? What do we use instead? How do we know the deodorant we are buying is actually safe for our health?
In this episode of Fatal Conveniences Solutions, we’re exploring the solutions for deodorant. 
What I discuss:
07:28: What are the dangers of deodorant?
13:25: What brands can you safely use?
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