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Nov 16, 2023

You wouldn’t eat a bag of dried pellets made of meat by-products. So why would you feed it to your pet? Just like humans, animals need proper nutrition to thrive and live happy, healthy lives. Most store-bought pet foods consist of low-quality meats, fillers and preservatives.


Pet food manufacturers are constantly trying to make the food-making process cheaper. So that means cheap ingredients and cheap packaging. All of that results in poor nutritional health for your furry friends.


This one isn’t tough, guys. We need to make sure our pets are eating whole, nutritional foods. I choose a plant-based diet for myself, but I know a vegan diet isn’t best for my German Shepherd, Chaga. So I give him a fresh, mostly raw diet consisting of 75% meat and 25% veggies and ancient grains. 


In this episode, I’ll give you some tips on how to use fresh food for your dog and some fresh pet food companies that I love. I discuss the gross history of pet food companies, signs that your pet has a poor diet, why raw food is best for pets, studies that reveal the horrifying ingredients in dry pet food, if grain-free is better for your dog, what foods are best for cats and dogs, and great fresh pet food companies.


What I discuss:

(0:02:02) - The history of pet food, its impact on pet health, and the need to treat our pets as family members

(0:09:12) - The dangers of processed pet food, the lack of regulations, the questionable ingredients permitted in pet food, and the potential toxins in pet food

(0:23:04) - The importance of conscious decision-making when it comes to the products we give our pets


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