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Aug 23, 2023

Ever dreamt of being self-sufficient, growing your own food, and living in harmony with nature? 
In this episode of The Darin Olien Show, we chat with Mark Trebilcock, a passionate gardening innovator, shares how his revolutionary Dirt Locker device is a game changer in our interaction with the landscape. 
We tackle the significance of food sovereignty, the potential of land usage for food production, and the infinite benefits of utilizing recycled materials. But, innovation doesn't come without challenges. Our guest's journey from initial patent denial to eventual success is a testament to the power of perseverance and the joy of creating something new.
As we look into the future, we see endless potential in further expanding the Dirt Locker system and developing additional products that make landscaping more efficient and sustainable. Resistance to change in the industry is a mountain to climb, but the benefits of the Dirt Locker—from cost-saving to land reclaiming—make it a peak worth pursuing. 
What we discuss: 
(0:00:07) - Gardening Innovation and Terracing Inspiration
(0:11:10) - Growing Your Own Food Is Important
(0:21:44) - Overcoming Resistance and Creating Change
(0:36:21) - Developing Additional Products for Landscaping
(0:42:46) - Learn More About Guest, Rate Podcast
Key takeaways:
  • The Universe is constantly giving us gifts. They may not always look like gifts at first glance. However, when we look back at the hardships and challenges the Universe has thrown our way, we can see how they were necessary for change. Remember that rejection is redirection when you are going through frustrating times. And to look out for the gifts the Universe is sending your way.
  • When you are following your passion is that there's always going to be resistance, or at least at some point. And it’s not about the resistance itself, but what you do with that resistance. You can decide to sit back and be a victim. But if you’re really passionate about what it is you are working towards, then you must take the anger you’re experiencing from this resistance and channel it into the creativity.
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