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Jun 29, 2023

The mindset to work more and more to get ahead has become ingrained in our society, to keep up with increasing workloads, our sleep habits are usually the first to suffer. 
You skip sleep during the busy week and try to catch up on weekends, but do you really?
Human bodies don’t follow the weekly schedules that we set, they are tied to a 24 hour circadian rhythm and sleep is essential for optimal function of our bodies systems. 
So, what can we do to optimize our sleep? That’s what we are going to dive into today in this episode of Fatal Conveniences: Solutions Edition. 
What we discuss:
06:05: What happens when you don’t sleep enough?
06:56: How can you prepare for better sleep?
07:41: What can you do throughout the day?
08:17: How to make your room as dark as possible
10:11: How can saunas help before bedtime?
10:57: How can you improve sleep when traveling?
12:10: How important is your gut health for good sleep?
13:15: When should you cut off electronics?
15:27: How can you manage your time for better sleep?
15:54: Which workouts will allow you to sleep better?
16:24: Are melatonin supplements really helpful?
17:27: How can you appease your monkey brain?
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