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Nov 13, 2023

When traveling through a remote area of South America I came across this nut known to the indigenous tribes for millennia, but virtually unheard of anywhere else. As a global superfood hunter for over 15 years, I'm convinced that Baru nuts are the healthiest nuts on the planet; literally a mini-cocktail of hard to find micronutrients and vegan protein.


In this episode, Miguel Beruman, General Manager at Barùkas, shares the importance of obtaining certifications that support social responsibilities at Barùkas, the SMETA audit process, the marketing strategies of eco-friendly products, the challenges of sourcing this exotic wild food and how Barùkas maintains high quality standards.


We also discuss our personal health journeys, the intricate link between nutrition, environmental consciousness, and plant biochemistry, the complexities of the Baru Nut, its impact on our health and the environment, and its role in driving a global movement towards sustainability and social responsibility. 


What we discuss:

(0:08:53) - Transitioning to healthier eating habits to exploration of South America 

(0:15:44) - Exploring the world of natural healing and alternative therapies, emphasizing the need for a broader, holistic perspective on health

(0:29:07) - The intricate link between nutrition, environmental consciousness, and the complex biochemistry of plants is examined, highlighting the importance of sustainable lifestyle choices

(0:38:57) - The human connection and generosity value

(0:45:46) - Miguel shares his family's dedication to the Baru Nut and talks about the process of developing and ensuring the quality of the product

(0:55:23) - The nutritional benefits of Baru nuts and how they compare to other nuts

(1:03:34) - The importance of fair trade and maintaining good relationships with farmers in the Baru Nut industry

(1:10:07) - Results of a sustainability study on Baru Nut, and the crucial role of the Baru Nut in various ecosystems.

(1:19:24) - The power of Barùkas in improving the environment, benefiting people's health, and providing economic opportunities for communities


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