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Oct 27, 2020

When we feel like we're broken or unworthy, we can wind up finding fixes in unhealthy places. In 2018, almost 53 million people aged 12 years and older misused prescription drugs in the United States. As addiction rates continue to climb, the health of the nation is declining.

One popular solution for those seeking help is to treat the addiction and subsequent health issues with more medication. While this can work for some, others find that a plant-based diet is swiftly becoming the key to a healthy recovery. 


On this podcast, you'll hear me, Darin Olien, "the superfood hunter," have honest conversations with the extraordinary people that inspire me. I hope that through their knowledge and unique perspectives, they'll inspire you, too.

Although our ideas and approaches to life may differ, our ultimate goal is the same- to save the planet one conversation at a time. So, if you're interested in expanding your view of the world by learning new perspectives on health, nutrition, and healing the planet, this podcast is for you. 

At first glance, you could say that Adam is your average kind of guy.

But scratch the surface a little, and you'll quickly see that he's pretty extraordinary indeed. Adam's story surrounds drug and food addiction, isolation, body dysmorphia, desperation, but also gratitude, acceptance, and redemption.

After becoming hooked on Adderall in high school, Adam spent most of his twenties going through a constant cycle of drug abuse and binge eating fast-foods. The more he consumed, the heavier he got. And the worse he started to feel within himself. As a result of his all-consuming lifestyle, during the peak of his addiction, he was over 300lbs with Type-2 diabetes.

Broke, unemployed, and completely cut off from family and friends, the time had come.

By August 21st, 2012, he had to make a choice- was he in, or was he out?

All his fear, anger, and self-loathing had pushed him to breaking point. Late one night, he attempted suicide by drug overdose. Fortunately for us and everyone that loves him, it was a failed attempt. Finally, Adam reached out for help. After several stays in rehab and sober living facilities, he found sobriety. Also, he lost over 100 pounds, reversed his diabetes, and repaired his physical health, thanks to an active, plant-based lifestyle.

Now, Adam is a Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach and graduate of eCornell's Plant-Based Nutrition Certificate Program. He is a diabetes and food addiction coach for Mastering Diabetes. He’s also an international speaker for the plant-based and addiction recovery movements. 

In this episode, Adam recounts his fascinating story- and guys, let me tell you, it's intense. First, he jumps right into where his addiction stemmed from, the heartache he felt and how he turned his life around so he can now devote his life to others. 

Also, we discuss how his plant-based diet reversed his diabetes and repaired his physical health. Adam discusses his most recent work, including The INFINITE Study. This ground-breaking study aims to explore the effects of nutrient-dense diets and nutrition education in early addiction recovery. 

Other Great Moments From Adam's Story:

  • How a seventh-generation Texan became obsessed with food
  • The lens of "Am I Acceptable?"
  • Finding the fixes
  • A habit turned to addiction.
  • Fast food – The substitute for a substitute
  • Rehab, Rip Esselstyn, Relapse
  • The night of August 21st, 2012 
  • How a plant-based diet started with a 'Hamburger.'
  • The revolutionary study into diet-based therapy
  • Feel your feelings – the enemy you don't have to fight.
  • Why you MUST accept others

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