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Jun 8, 2023

When it comes to animal agriculture, most animals aren’t living freely pasturing in wide-spaced green areas. Breeders and animal farms are more likely to be torturous prisons than the happy Uncle Bill farm that appears on the logo of your favorite hamburgers. And guess what? It comes at a cost to your health.
The animal industry is regulated differently by each country, but there’s one thing in common: meat from sick animals can’t be commercialized, but with the living conditions of the animals, they are inevitably going to get sick. So “naturally”, the animals in farms are medically treated to prevent or combat infectious diseases, most of which are treated with antibiotics.
You know the age-old saying: You are what you eat. So what happens to your health when the meat you are eating is pumped with antibiotics? 
This is what we explore in this episode of Fatal Conveniences™. 
What we discuss:
06:43: What are the dangers of antibiotic resistance?
08:07: How are these animals treated?
10:19: How is this a public health issue?
14:21: What can you do about it?
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